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This is Pr. Belphegor's TV web site. You will find here both French and English documents. For French readers, you may visit the Neutral Zone where you will find the most comprehensive set of documents about TV series, including the FAQ, a huge episode guide compilation (the Épisothèque), directories of links, airing shedules...

The Neutral Zone (the main files)

My friends and I managed to gather a huge amount of information about TV series. They however only suit for French reading visitors.

French written FAQs of : about TV series URL en séries. Most complete directory of links about TV series and TV for French-reading visitors. The Épisothèque : episodes lists of hundreds of series, including original titles, French titles and many mores. Les grilles d' TV schedules of selected series on French TV, with exact identification of each aired episode weekly updated. Génériques en séries. The cult TV musics, by Romain Gastambide.
La FAQ d' : sur les séries télévisées URL en séries. Le répertoire de liens sur les séries télévisées et la télévision pour les francophones. L'Épisothèque : listes des épisodes de centaines de séries, avec titres VO et VF de chacun, et bien d'autres choses encore. Les grilles d' Le détail hebdomadaire d'une sélection de séries diffusées sur les chaîne françaises, avec identification de chaque épisode. Génériques en séries. Les génériques de vos séries TV cultes par Romain Gastambide.

Some TV series

The Main Papers / Les principaux dossiers

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Episode guide with French synopsis, US and French titles. Track back the title, author and editors, both for US and French versions, of the novels from which they are made.


Belphégor, the famous and very good French 1965 TV show by Claude Barma;

The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the first great spy TV show, initiated by Ian Flemming, starring Robert Vaughn, David McCallum and Leo G. Carroll. Read about the series in French with episode guide. By Claude Mesplède and Lucille Rodier.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, the best Sherlock Holmes ever seen on Cinema or television. Find here original drawings and an interview of June Whyndham-Davies, producer of the show.

The untouchables

Episode guide of The Untouchables, the best noir TV series ever made: both short and long summaries of each episode, all in French. By Claude Mesplède and Lucille Rodier.

The protectors

The Protectors. Got a crush on Robert Vaughn? Find a comprehensive file about his famous half-hour series. Compiled and written by Magali Devine.

Small papers / Quelques articles
In French


Bewitched, the marvelous enchanted bewitched 1964 Sol Saks' show;

On the Air. Commercial failure but great comic TV show by David Lynch. Meet the David Lynch Family: Mark Frost, Angelo Badalamenti, Miguel Ferer and Ian Buchanan. French documents.
Under construction: The Protectors, the famous Robert Vaughn half-hour spy show, with Episode guide.


A few trivia about Thunderbirds: relation to the Mercury Project and a French paper about this amazing show. You can go take a look at the Thunderbird's Simon Wickes' and at the impressive J. Lester Novros II's Supermarionation page.

_The Twilight Zone_

About The Twilight Zone. A long paper on what it was about, the kind of story they used to write, the authors and the ideas behind, a few paragraphs about the French translation and the second 1985' series.
About Twin Peaks and David Lynch. Two papers on what it is about, and the kind of movies and series David Lynch uses to make.

The Prisoner / Le Prisonier
In French

La magnifique et inoubliable série de Patrick McGoohan, sur le site de l'association française du Prisonier :  le Rôdeur
Black and white Prisoner items
Patrick McGoohan
The Village (Myriam Guinot)

Photo gallery

The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, The Prisoner, James Bond, Clint Eastwood: go there

Orange Net Alerts

The Net is not such a quiet place, but they won't get it.

Mass plagiarism of TV shows site and entire papers from magazines by several devilish thugs : Mas£er in UK and Johnny Tramontin in Belgium. These rascallions do copy pages from their original sites, misappropriate credits for themselves pretending it is their own work.Get the details and suport us. The struggle between Paramount-Viacom and the fans for the use of Star Trek visual artefacts in web pages. Join the FFE.

The three Prisoner images are copyright (from the left to the right) Helen Cohen, Serge Fournier, Myriam Guinot and are free of use for non-commercial purposes (see the general distribution conditions). Thanks to aka Chandler Bing for his note.
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