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The locations’ history

Nobody cares, but I’ll tell you anyway.

LAAS The site was previously located (from 24th April 1996 to March 1997) on the LAAS (CNRS, France) server, LAAS let me access its computer system because I was collaborating with them on a research and publication project. In March 1997, LAAS decided to shutdown all the personal pages of its server. The LAAS decision to close the personal sites was caused by legal problems that lead the directors to enforce the 1996 CNRS decision to forbid all personnel documents on the web pages of the LAAS server. This decision makes sense, and I totally supported it, every Internet citizen already having at that time the facility to be published by free web space providers. It was actually one of the first (if not the one) case that concerns copyright violation over the Internet in France, and I believe it is remembered as the Jacques Prevert Affair in the little first-time webmaster and internet-jurists communauty.

This happened during the Mygale crisis, and the closure went unnoticed. It is difficult to imagine that today, but French web pages at that time where quite seldom, and the closure of all the personal web pages housed in the LAAS laboratory could have been notice among the french web-users commuauty, if it was not for the Mygale crisis. Within the list closed sites was the first French web page about the british series The prisoner, which of course was quickly to reopen later, and is still online today.
Concerning the Mygale crisis, this is another French web story that I do not have time to tell here except in a very short form: Mygale was a educational french project to host personal web pages leaded by University of Jussieu in Paris. The access was closed by Renater, the national ISP of the French universities and research centers, for reasons not clear to me (arguing it was not educational), and all the closed sites had to relocate. French web free providers where not as common as today at that time, and it had been considered by many as a serious strike to the then fragile emergent group of French-writing webmasters and web-authors.

I then moved my professional documents to the ENSEEIHT site and my personal documents to Mygale. Later on, when my Mygale space went full, I oppened an account on Chez.com, and I eventually inserted there my professional documents to Later on, when I left ENSEEIHT.

multimatraque.comMygale became Multimania, which started to slowly decay into a goulish commer$ial web-space provider that I strongly recommand every one to avoid. My main hostilities toward Multimania comes from their behavior towards their users. They forced all users to change the domain name from mygale.org to multimania.com by cessing DNS hosting. We had to change both URLs and E-mail addresses. They cancelled mail-redirection and pop access to limit users to web-only interfaces. These are the worse thing they could possibly do. Much later, they reinstalled feature-limited mail redirection for an alternative E-mail address and rehosted the mygale DNS name. At one point, every user discovered commercial pop-up windows on their homepages, and even commercial tags that where sticked over the web page, hiding the original context. All these annoyment did not went unnoticed by all webmasters and visitors as it started general webmaster strike and you can get a feeling of what happened from this French article from 1999 in transfert.net, with cache here if article no longer available on transfert server (cache recorded July 2003).

After one URL change and two E-mail address changes we had to suffer, I decided to abandon them to their misery and get my own domain name in 2000. I registered at Gandi.net, I have the DNS hosting, web-hosting and E-mail wosting at pair.com.

You are here on dunwich.org, and I hope you will feel comfortable. As they say: me Casa y su casa; do not hesitate one second for comments, corrections, ressources, help, reviewing, links, partnership, insults, money… I also might some room for you if you have cool document you wish to host. Just please avoid commercial sollicitation.

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Épisothèque, logo


Il y a très longtemps, en 1997, j’ai créée l’Épisothèque. C’était une partie de mon site web, et ça collectionnait des listes d’épisodes. En 1998, lorsque j’ai été ravi à la société civile au profit de la militaire, j’ai passé la main à Loïc Leroux, qui en déménagé l’Épisothèque et en a fait une administration, maintenance et augmentation de manière brillante pendant plusieurs années en association avec les grilles d’frts. Mais l’épisothèque de 1997 incluait aussi des sérials, que Loïc n’avait pas pris. J’ai donc laissé un fantôme de mon Épisothèque pour conserver ces quelques listes, sans avoir le temps de nettoyer la présentation du projet. Ce fantôme est toujours en ligne ici, et n’a pas bougé depuis à part quelques changements de liens obsolètes.
En ce qui concerne le déménagement, l’adresse du site était à un moment http://www.chez.com/marcel/tv/episotheque puis http://www.multimania.com/grilletv/episotheque. Plus tard, l’Épisothèque a déménagée et est partie sur http://mapage.noos.fr/grilletv/episotheque/liste.html. Le domaine mapage.noos.fr/grilletv a été abandonné, et repris par un margoulin qui a repris le nom Épisothèque pour y poster quelques listes et beaucoup de pub. Pendant un certain temps, mes propres liens sur mon site continuaient de pointer vers cette contrefaçon. C’est corrigé maintenant.

BNTF icon

Bad News Travel Fast

C’était une émission de radio à laquelle je participais. Son site n’existe plus mais était à l’adresse suivante : http://www.radio-fmr.net/badnewtr/index.html .

Legal notice and copyrights

Legal notice

Except on pages where it is stated otherwise :

In compliance with Loi sur la confiance dans l’économie numérique (LCEN) dated 21/06/2004, I state that I, Baptiste Marcel, am both éditeur and directeur de publication, and that the required contact information are listed in the contact page.

The DNS hoster, Internet providers, computer manufacturers are not responsible for any of these documents at any level.

En conformité avec la loi du 21/06/2004 sur la confiance dans l’économie numérique (LCEN), je déclare que je suis, Baptiste Marcel, à la fois l’éditeur et le directeur de publication, et que les informations requises d’identification sont indiquées dans la page contact.


Althought this site is owned by Baptiste Marcel alone, it contains documents from other contributors, each of whose being legally responsible for the information he contributes in the site.

Copyrighted material for TV series

There are a resources about the TV series on this site but this is not an official web site for the TV series included on this site. All the original images and the look and feel of the television shows are the copyright of their original owners and are published here in compliance to the droit de citation, CPI, french law, in the sense that une photo extraite d’un document audiovisuel constitue une citation. Reproduction of such material on this site is intended for illustration and documentation purposes only, in homage to these famous and great shows. The owners of this site have no connection with any television broadcaster nor any editor and derive no income from this site (halas). All rights are reserved by their original copyrights holders for these documents.

All these series look much better on TV, and we strongly suggests you inspect carefully your TV guide and your video/DVD/VOD provider directories to enable you to watch them whenever they are available.


The images and texts produced here for which I am not author are in compliance with the Code de la propriété intellectuelle (copyright laws, French law). They are either inserted here with explicit authorisation of their author, or in compliance with droit de citation or revue de presse bylaws (fair-use), or distributed within the effect of a free license, or within some other unmentionned authorization procedure.

Unless specified otherwise in the text, or in the tags of the images, all texts and images of my own (possibly identified as BM) are released under CC-BY-NC-SA license. Contact me to get detailed license information for undocumented images or texts.

For the graphic elements, refer to their attached notes to find their ownership and license information. The said notes will be, to the best of our efforts, located in the following places, in this order: exif tag, DDI comment, legend, ALT tag, foot-note, main text, HTML meta-tag. The DDI comment of an document can be read in the file descript.ion in same directory. For all images under a copyleft license (such as GNU, GPL…), they are considered distributed as a separate document, redistributed with the same license, with required license information in the attached notes. The texts of the said licenses can be found in the wikipedia.

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So what ? I’m French.

I know that this english is rubbish so please help me and send me any corrections, as well as how to write the the sentences in the correct way when they are really messed-up.

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