Vlad Ţepeş journey photo gallery
Castelul Bran

Althought most of the touristic documents state otherwise, this castle has no conexion with either Vlad Ţepeş, historical character, nor Dracula, fictitious character


Vue lointaine en hauteur
[01-vtbrnfvl.jpg, 790 × 476, 83 kB]


Vue extérieure
[vtbrnbig.jpg, 800 × 557, 132 kB]


Contreplongée cour intérieure
[vtbrndin.jpg, 412 × 597, 55 kB]


Vue générale dans paysage (*)
[vtbrnfru.jpg, 800 × 492, 74 kB]


Cour intérieur et tour ronde depuis la tour carrée
[vtbrnuin.jpg, 394 × 595, 74 kB]


Vue extérieure hiver
[vtbrnwnt.jpg, 800 × 566, 403 kB]

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The pictures marked by an asterisk (*) are own by myself (although with contribution from ADJ Aluce for some of them). Others are copy from postcards and other touristic materials. Look on the general distribution conditions for proper use of these pictures.
Thanks to John/Andrea Profeta for their note.

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